Commercial Alarm Systems

Custom Security Alarm Systems for Michigan Businesses.

Michigan Camera Systems has been designing custom security alarm systems for business, restaurants, and municipalities since 1995.  As experts in commercial security, we will design a professional security system that targets your trouble spots and specifically addresses your security needs- minimizing threats. Nowadays, you need more than a ringing bell to protect your premises. You need a variety of sensors capable of protecting the various areas within your business.  We will help you protect your critical processes, employees, assets and profits with the right system design. 

We Start with a Variety of Sensors. 

Depending upon the unique features of your facility, we will employ systems that use:

  • Motion sensors
  • Magnetic contact sensors
  • Photo beams
  • Shock sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Glass break detectors

Then we Add Intrusion Alerts and Video Verification.

In the unfortunate event of an intrusion, you can get immediate notification of an unauthorized entry by text message or phone call. In many cases, your alarm system can be linked to your security video recorder. This is important for prompt police response, as many jurisdictions require video verification of a break-in prior to responding. 

The benefits of video verification also include:

  • Higher response and arrest rates
  • Minimized risk of a fine for false alarm
  • Strong support for prosecution and or disciplinary measures
  • Insurance claim and premium reduction  

Alarm and security systems for businesses installed by security experts.

Our fully licensed and professional associates provide:

  • A No Cost consultation
  • Collaborative system design, for your environment
  • Selection and installation of a quality, user-friendly system
  • The best monitoring rates in the industry

Full System Training Included with All Security Camera and Alarm Equipment Purchases.

Michigan Camera Systems will ensure you and your designated team will understand and be able to operate the alarm and security system you choose. We can also provide a service package that includes inspection, service, and repair on a regular basis. Whether you have one camera or 100, you will be able to monitor and record your operations at your convenience.

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