Commercial Security Access Control

Say Goodbye to Lost Keys and Changing Locks!

More savvy business owners and managers are turning to access control systems to simplify security for server rooms, hallway entrances, private and executive offices, and other areas where access is restricted. Michigan Camera Systems provides a complete line of keyless entry systems for business including security keypads, card readers, and RF controls.


Customize Access Levels in an Instant.

Access levels can be set according to your business needs. Changing personal access and access codes can be accomplished through a computer keystroke.  An access control system severely limits the need for issuing and retrieving hard keys, eliminating the risk associated with lost and stolen keys.  

Top 5 Reasons Every Business Needs an Access Control System. 

  • Reduce liability by keeping unauthorized individuals out
  • Protect staff and internal assets
  • Protect proprietary information
  • Control movement within the building
  • Eliminate the need and cost to issue hard keys

Not Sure if an Access Control System is Right for your Business?

Every business owner should consider the benefits of adding an Access Control System to their building security.  To see how your building will benefit from the convenience of keyless entry, contact us today! Michigan Camera Systems provides Michigan businesses, municipalities, manufacturing plants and industrial facilities: 

  • A No-Cost consultation
  • Collaborative system design to meet your needs
  • Selection and installation of a quality, user-friendly systems

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