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Business Surveillance Systems Dearborn MI

Business Surveillance Systems Dearborn MI

Dearborn Business Surveillance Systems – Design & Installation

Dearborn Business Surveillance Systems

As a full-service provider of commercial security systems and anti-theft solutions, Michigan Camera Systems specializes in the design, installation, and service of commercial-grade security camera and surveillance systems for commercial, industrial, educational, and municipal facilities in the Dearborn area.

Since 1996, our experienced team has been designing custom systems specific to our clients’ needs and helped countless organizations across Michigan protect themselves from internal and external security risks.

As your full service provider, we are responsive to your immediate and future security surveillance camera system requirements — Michigan Camera Systems can supply all the surveillance services you need, or repair and update your current equipment. We’ll survey your property, recommend a solution tailored to your unique needs, and protect the areas most important to you. We include full systems training with every camera or alarm equipment purchase, ensuring you and your designated team will understand and be able to operate your new alarm or security system.

Whether you have one camera or 100, our state-of-the-art security systems will protect you from theft and allow you to monitor, record, and control your operations at your convenience.

Dearborn’s Leader in Security Camera & Alarm Systems

You need reliable video surveillance equipment to protect you, your business, employees, and customers. With hi-def digital recordings, our security systems can capture unlawful activity in low light conditions.

The recordings from our security camera systems have been accepted by law enforcement agencies and courts to successfully prosecute criminals and defend against lawsuits.

With reliable high-tech monitoring, you can reduce the risks threatening your operations:

Loss of finished products
Damaged equipment
Theft of supplies
Theft of tools
Criminal activity sabotage
Theft of time by employees
Shipping/receiving fraud
Proprietary information theft

As business owners, we understand the importance of keeping operations up and running with as little interruption as possible. That’s why we offer installation services during off-peak or non-business hours at no additional charge. We’ll get you started with:

A no-obligation consultation
Proper camera system design based on your needs
Selection of appropriate surveillance cameras for the environment
Selection of a quality, user-friendly digital video recorder
Professional installation on your schedule
Qualified training for your designated staff

High-Powered Surveillance Cameras & Installation Service in Dearborn, MI

High-Powered Surveillance Cameras & Installation Service

We get calls everyday from Michigan business owners concerned about inventory shrinkage, employee theft, and an overall lack of control over their business operations. Prior to starting Michigan Camera Systems, we were in the security industry. We specialize in business security and anti-theft solutions, allowing us to identify critical areas of your operations where criminal activities are likely to occur.

We will analyze lighting issues, visual obstacles, and access points before we make our recommendations. Selecting the right security camera for the conditions is critical to ensure durability and reliability of your surveillance system.

Security surveillance cameras come in many shapes, sizes and offer a wide variety of features. Michigan Camera Systems will never recommend more cameras than you need. When you make your final decision, we’ll make sure your professional camera system is installed and positioned so you get the best view of the area in question.

Specialty Security Cameras for All Your Surveillance Needs

Infrared cameras
Dome cameras
360 degree cameras
License plate reader cameras
Bullet cameras
Wireless cameras
Covert cameras
Indoor/outdoor security cameras
Day/night cameras
Full color security cameras
Black & white security cameras
Pan-tilt-zoom security cameras
IP cameras
Light intensifying cameras

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Michigan Camera Systems

New Security Camera System

Getting Started

Surveillance camera system selection and design can be a difficult process. The professionals at Michigan Camera Systems will simplify the process for you with our working knowledge of equipment, system feature availability, and installation techniques. Consider the following questions:

  1. Why do you want the system and what are you hoping to accomplish?
  2. How do you plan to use the security camera system?
  3. Do you think you will be adding more cameras at a later date?
  4. Who will operate the system and from what location?

Your answers to these questions will be valuable in designing the right security camera system that fits your needs. During your consultation with Michigan Camera Systems, we’ll help you identify your goals, the proper components that will provide the features you need, and recommend a cost-effective system that meets your needs and budget.

Client Reviews

“The system your team designed and installed is working great. I can’t believe how easy it is to operate. I was also amazed at the quality of the night time images. Great job guys! You can be sure I’ll recommend Michigan Camera Systems.”
RC, Attorney At Law – Chesterfield, MI

five star reviews

“I was having a problem with my old system and my installer had stopped servicing that particular system. I called Michigan Camera Systems and their staff came out that night! They were able to get my system working. When the time came for a more up-to-date camera system, guess who I called!”
JS, Franchise Store Owner – St. Clair Shores, MI

five star reviews

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