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Digital Video Recorders Farmington Hills MI

Digital Video Recorders Farmington Hills MI

State-of-theArt Digital Video Recorders & Installation Service in Farmington Hills MI

CCTV Security Monitoring

At Michigan Camera Systems, our state-of-the-art surveillance camera, alarm and card access systems and expert installations have helped organizations in Farmington Hills MI and across Southeast Michigan protect themselves from internal and external security risks. We know you need reliable video surveillance equipment to protect you, your business, employees, and customers. That’s why as your full-service provider, we are responsive to your immediate and future security surveillance camera system requirements.

With hi-def digital recordings, Michigan Camera Systems’ security systems can capture unlawful activity in low light conditions. The recordings from our security camera systems have been accepted by law enforcement agencies and the courts to successfully prosecute criminals and defend against lawsuits.

We’ll survey your property, recommend a solution tailored to your unique needs, and protect the areas most important to you. We include full systems training with every camera or alarm equipment purchase, ensuring you and your designated team will understand and be able to operate your new alarm or security system. Then, you’ll have instant access to your cameras, alarm systems, door locks and lights using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any device with internet connectivity!

Custom Security Alarm Systems & Card Access for Farmington Hills MI Facilities

Custom Security Alarm Systems

Michigan Camera Systems has been designing custom security alarm systems for business, restaurants, and municipalities since 1995. We will help you protect your critical processes, employees, assets and profits with the right system design.

As experts in commercial security, we will design a professional security system that targets your trouble spots and specifically addresses your security needs and minimize threats. In the unfortunate event of an intrusion, you can get immediate notification of an unauthorized entry by text message or phone call. In many cases, your alarm system can be linked to your security video recorder. This is important for prompt police response, as many jurisdictions require video verification of a break-in prior to responding.

Depending upon the unique features of your facility, we will employ systems that use:

Motion and pressure sensors
Magnetic contact sensors
Shock sensors
Intrusion alerts
Photo beams
Temperature sensors
Glass break detectors
Video verification

Card Access Systems

Commercial Security Access Control

Say goodbye to lost keys and changing locks! More savvy business owners and managers are turning to access control systems to simplify security for server rooms, hallway entrances, private and executive offices, and other areas where access is restricted.

Michigan Camera Systems provides a complete line of keyless entry systems for business including keypads, card readers, and RF controls.

Access levels can be set according to your business needs. Changing personal access and access codes can be accomplished through a computer keystroke. An access control system severely limits the need for issuing and retrieving hard keys, eliminating the risk associated with lost and stolen keys.

Card access control systems can help:

Reduce liability by keeping unauthorized individuals out
Control movement within the building
Protect staff and internal assets
Protect proprietary information
Eliminate the need and cost to issue hard keys

Installation of Digital Network HD Video Recorders

Digital Network HD Video Recorders

Recording your surveillance is the most important reason to install a professional security camera system for your business. Just having cameras will deter some illegal action, but in the event illegal activity takes place, you’ll want to have it recorded.

Using the latest technology, Michigan Camera Systems will show you how easy it is to maintain a library of everything happening in your facility, at your back door, or on the production line.

Depending on your specific needs, we will show you systems that record to a DVR, record to the cloud, record to a memory card, and easily download to portable media devices, such as an external hard drive or USB flash drive. By helping you identify what features you really need and which ones are just nice to have, we will narrow down your selection. We will consider your potential for adding more cameras in the future, and most importantly, we will make sure the system is user-friendly.

Our digital video systems have many features to choose from, including:

Multi-channel viewing & playback
Time & calendar search, event search, system log search
Back up to hard disc, CD/DVD/USB drive
Remote monitoring via laptop, iPhone, Blackberry, Android
PTZ control
Live monitoring, remote playback and file backup
H.264 compression
Unlimited camera capability
Up to 480 frame per second recording
Continuous, scheduled, motion detection recording
Pre & post-alarm recording
Panic recording
Storage to meet your needs
Email notification

Client Reviews

“North Branch Area Schools awarded the bid for security cameras to Michigan Camera Systems in August of 2010. They put completely new security camera systems in 5 school buildings and the transportation facility. This was a large project that had to be completed around the school schedule. They worked evenings and weekends to complete the job in a timely manner with minimal disruption to the school day.”

Joel Woods and Mike Stellman met with each of the building administrators to determine the best solution for each of the individual buildings. They provided training to the appropriate staff in the use of the equipment. This was very valuable to make sure the systems supported the needs of the building.

The bid included a 3-year warranty on the equipment plus maintenance and support for the operation of the equipment. The company has been responsive to any issues that have arisen and have taken care of any problems promptly.

I would recommend Michigan Camera Systems to anyone considering install a security camera systems.

Cheryl Bruff, Director of Finance & Business-North Branch Area Schools

five star reviews

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